Clint (No.4 of 50)

  • Clint (No.4 of 50)
  • Clint (No.4 of 50)
  • Clint (No.4 of 50)
  • Clint (No.4 of 50)
  • Clint (No.4 of 50)

Wood Cut Print
Paper Size: Approx 46cm x 32cm
The actual print size is approx. 36cm x 26cm.

A series of famous faces. The faces I grew up with from film, music, comedy and television.
I made these woodcuts sometime ago and used them as a way of learning the art of the technique.
I shall be selling these one at a time, so the print you see here is the print you shall receive. Each is quite different because they are each hand burnished with a wooden spoon.

Price includes postage and packaging within the UK.
I will do my upmost to post this print on the day or the next day after you order.
It will be sent registered post in a strong cardboard tube (with cardboard end caps to avoid more unnecesary plastic). It will be sent with much excitement and gratitude for your order.

Many Thanks.