About me

Here's a little about me.
Feel free to get in contact with any questions , queries or feedback anytime.
I work in a range of styles and mediums. Mosaic, Print Making, Painting, even Papier Mache and quite recently Plasticine!
Quite honestly, why be restricted? Between the various techniques and mediums, I feel like there is a unifying aesthetic. Bright, graphic, illustrative, my work is immediate, direct and accessible to all.
‘All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’ Pablo Picasso
I love this quote! More than twenty years ago I went to art college but found instead of feeling enthused and creative, I felt restricted and discouraged.
I dropped out and joined a co-operative, audience participatory theatre company. I realised my interest was in how art could bring people together, to build community, to heal the individual.

My career path has been anything but simple and has taken various tangents along the way. I suppose the underlying thread has been my caring about people and our world and my own creativity combined with the simple need to make a living.
Painting and decorating, forestry, lifeguard, stacking shelves, Stand Up Comedy, Street entertainer, Support worker for people with physical and learning disabilities…
I wanted a job where I could use my interest in art helping to support people and in the year 2000 I found my 'dream' job! I didn't think such a job existed! I was living in South London with my (later to be future wife), working in an arts project funded by the NHS working with people with mental health support needs. We provided creative workshops for people and it was here that I saw first hand how beneficial art could be for people's mental health. I ran mosaic and woodcut printmaking workshops among many other techniques. I taught and learned about techniques in an explorative way, learning myself along with the members. You learn through your mistakes and from each other. So basically I'm self taught in mosaic and woodcut printmaking. It was a time I'll never forget. There were challenges of course but I learnt so much and consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to work with so many inspiring individuals.
As I said, it was a dream job and I worked there for 12 years.
Unfortunately, like so many other great initiatives, cuts in funding eventually found us and I was made redundant.

By this time (2012), I was married with two young sons. We moved out of London to Hampshire to be closer to family. I took on the role of daddy day care and my wife commuted to work. Somehow, two more precious boys arrived (4 boys! How did that happen!)

 …. My artwork took a back burner. Our greatest creations took precedence.
Our eldest turns 15 this year (2023) and our youngest started school September 2019. I can hardly believe it!

And so to the here and now. As well as the school runs my small business offering art workshops and art parties  ART FOR EVERYONE (do check it out) is going from strength to strength where I offer fun and engaging children's arty parties and friendly supportive art workshops to just about everyone.

I'm finally back in a place where I'm creating new work and I'm keen to exhibit and promote it where I can. Hence, this 'shop'! Should you decide to purchase anything I'd like you to know how much that will be appreciated. I'm not some big corporation. Every sale will be celebrated with a little dance!
If you've read to the end here. Well done! Maybe you didn't need the whole life story! Anyway, thanks for your interest.
All the best.
Steve x

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